We are Obvious Notion, the most desperate, angry, talented, unbalanced and obstreperous band of internet filmmakers you are likely to meet. We shoot sketch comedy, short films, documentaries and the occasional breeze.

We care not which.editing 1

Our aim is to entertain you - the surfing public - so long as there is a buck in it for us. We guarantee you one thing and one thing only: Whatever we produce for you to see, you have paid far more to see far worse elsewhere - of your own free will.


Well, we want to change all that.Editing 2


It is our goal to trick you into paying us money to make the weirdness we shoot. In this arrangement, you see amusing things that suck far less than that average pablum appearing on your TV or video player and we make enough money to produce this less sucky material. I would refer to this as a symbiotic relationship.


Unless we eat your flesh.Editing 3

So watch this space. Bookmark this page (well not this page but the main page because that is where new content will be announced) and watch this space (see above). We will post many things. Some of them will not cause you to seek death by your own hands.

Some of them may also make you laugh.

...or both.

But I digress.editing 4


So take a look at what we do, how we do it and why we do it to you. Our goal is to entertain you at the cost of your savings, sanity and time. We also just enjoy shooting irrational things like these photos.


Need I say more?Editing 5


If our work leaves any impression on you at all. Good or ill. Emotional or fiscal. Drop us a line. We will write back conscientiously until the restraining order is issued by your local municipality or seat of law.

Or until you stroke a check.Editing 6


So thanks for finding us, visiting us or returning to this site despite all urges to the contrary. If there is something we can change, fix or do better let us know. We are nothing if not tools of our audience.

By the way, Brian was resuscitated and can walk now with difficulty.